Mario Karner | Die Me_Sage
Mario Karner is a Filmmaker based in Austria.
Mario Karner, Videography, Photography, Filmproduktion, Österreich, Austria
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»Die Me_Sage« is a fable from the band »Die Message«. The fable has 5 chapters where two young guys try to save a princess.
The whole film is not about perfection. It’s more about how the band is.
– absurd
– weird
– honest
– traditional
– valuing old things
We tried to put all this in the video. Even the stupid conversation make perfectly sense, if you know how Stefan & Mario are.
Don’t take it too serious. Just enjoy the weird sense of humor and join them at their next life gig!


– story Stefan Hochegger
– story, direction & edit Mario Karner
– camera: Martin Gressl
– voice: Bettina Gjecaj
– sound assistant Peter Karner
– set photographer Madeleine Haider



– Stefan Hochegger
– Mario Karner
– Olivia Ludkiewicz
– Madeleine Brunner
– Werner Schatz
– Markus Hochegger


– Scoot Bucklel – Chronical
– Myuu – Haunted by steams
– Redafs – Funny quirky comedy
– Louis Corchia – La danca du sabre
– Liesbrink – Polka Express
– Christian D – Techno Polka
– Glenn Gardner – Mystery Whistler’s Polka
– Tristan Kane – Action adventure as a love theme
– Kevin Mac Leod – Run Amok
– Steven O’Brien – Score to ‘Thinking Creatively’
– Myuu – Growing Shadows
Cheers to
– our parents
– Robert Sorger
– Andreas Rittler (Schloss Lichtengraben)
– our friends


Behind the scenes
pictures © Madeleine Haider